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What we do

public affairs

We work to influence and improve public policy, engage lawmakers and decision-makers and build and maintain a strong reputation for our clients.

media relations

Every organization has a story to tell, and we make sure that story is told on TV, in print, on the radio, and via digital channels to the largest and most important audience.

digital and social media

Today’s audience is online and on their smart phones. We develop powerful and engaging online and social media content to meet our client’s goals.

branding and marketing

An effective brand gives you the edge over your competition, and an effective marketing plan puts that brand in front of the right audience.

integrated communications

Uppercase works with large organizations to ensure that every component and department works to communicate and successfully pursue common goals.

community affairs

We care about our community, and so do the organizations we work with. We help build bridges and strengthen the bonds between our clients and the communities they call home.